The environmental effects of construction and housing projects have taken a more prominent role over the last decade or two. Increased awareness of environmental impact due to using specific materials and processes has changed the way that many contractors are doing business. And Local aluminium guttering business Bespoke Guttering in Surrey is one of those contracting companies. Visit the Bespoke Guttering website here. Their newest project, a guttering refurbishment project in Surrey, has all the touchstones of a project that is concerned with the way it impacts the environment. Instead of the stronger steel, Bespoke guttering LTD is using the much more environmentally-friendly aluminium guttering.

Aluminium is actually able to be recycled without much trouble, and it won’t rust like steel would. That makes it far better suited to a long-term refurbishment project. Bespoke Guttering Ltd. Head contractor William Cherrington had this to say about the company’s most recent project: “We are looking at all the ways we can ensure our project positively impacts the environment. Aluminium is known to be the best material to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.” The company’s current project is the complete refurbishment of Pleasant Meadows’ facility in Surrey. Pleasant Meadows have had their current guttering for nearly ten years and are looking to replace that aluminium guttering with entirely new gutters.

Mr Cherrington said about the replacement of the old guttering: “Since they had previously had aluminium installed on all their buildings, we were able to take that old guttering and recycle it, cutting down on waste going out into the environment. The next guttering should last at least another 10 years, and we don’t expect Pleasant Meadows to have any problems with it. Aluminium is tough, it won’t corrode easily, and it produces no dangerous by-products, even when exposed to severe weather conditions.”

The environmental impact of such project continues to play an important role in determining what materials are used and how they are being used.  Once you have newly installed gutters its important to maintain them and get them cleaned, for gutter cleaning in wimbledon we recommend Wilsons Window Cleaning.

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