Want to say something about your local area or local services? Then why not get in touch with your local community council?

  • We represent public opinion to the local authority and other government bodies.
  • We work to safeguard and promote the area’s best interests.
  • And we also work with others to improve your community.

Almost every area of West Lothian has a community council. Under the Local Government Scotland Act, local authorities were encouraged to help set up these community-based groups to represent local residents.

Each community council is regularly asked to comment on a range of issues such as:

  • the local environment;
  • local planning applications;
  • drinks (liquor) licensing;
  • local plans
  • decentralisation of public services; and
  • community planning.

So if you have a strong view or want to be heard let us know. Contact details are listed on this website.

Community councils are also asked to contribute to public consultations regarding the whole of the district.