Community spirit is what holds groups of people together and unites them toward a common goal. These people may not always agree with each other on specific topics, but they come together as a group for important events and in order to help out one another.

This spirit of the community is very important in that it allows people who live together to work together. Places that are filled with this spirit are able to accomplish more. Important local laws can pass without hindrance because everyone is working toward the common good.

Having a community spirit does not always mean agreeing on the same things, but it means that people within the community care about one another and genuinely want to help and encourage those in their area. This could be for something as simple as showing up for their home team at an away game to support them. And it can mean something as vital as volunteering to take care of the homeless or to spend time fighting fires.

A community that works together is one that is hard to tear apart. Even when adversity strikes, everybody affected by tragedy can rest easy knowing that their community is going to reach out and take care of them. In places where hurricanes destroy homes and property, many people can have their residences rebuilt and their belonging replaced by caring neighbors who have a strong community spirit.

Very little can deter the power of a community that is working as a unit. Even great adversity only serves as minor setback as they continue to move forward. Communities that want to thrive need this essential ingredient to do well. And this only happens when individuals stop thinking about themselves and try to do everything they can for their neighbors.

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