Create an Indoor Garden

If you don’t have a garden, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a gardener. All you need is a sunny windowsill, a little imagination and a few items from around the house. You can even grow your own food!

Grow an avocado

When you’ve eaten an avocado, or even made a yummy guacamole dip, save the stone and you can watch it grow into a lovely houseplant. It’s really easy!

  • A ripe avocado
  • A 10cm wide plastic pot
  • Multipurpose compost
  • A clear plastic bag
  1. Soak the avocado stone in water for two days.
  2. Fill the plastic pot with compost and wet it thoroughly. Plant the stone with the fat end facing down and the top just sticking out of the compost.
  3. Put the pot in the plastic bag and tie it with a knot. Put it in a warm, dry place (an airing cupboard is ideal).
  4. 10 days to a month later, the stone will split. Put the pot on a sunny windowsill.

Tip: When the plant has got to about 15cm tall, cut 5cm off the top. Keep doing this occasionally to keep your plant bushy..

Make two plants from one!

Spider plants are easy to grow and in spring and summer the stems produce tiny ‘plantlets’ which are actually mini spider plants!A mature spider plant

  • A small pot (a yogurt pot with a hole in the bottom is fine)
  • Potting compost
  • A paper clip
  1. Fill your small pot with compost, wet it thoroughly and put the mini spider (still attached to the parent plant) on top of the soil.
  2. Open the paper clip out into a U shape, turn it upside down, push it into the soil to hold the plantlet’s runner in place.
  3. In 7-10 days the mini spider plant should have formed its own roots. Snip off the runner and hey presto – a new plant!

Grow your own food

Mustard and cress is great in salads and egg mayonnaise sandwiches. And it’s really easy to grow!

  • A washed yoghurt pot or small container
  • Kitchen paper
  • Cotton wool
  • Some mustard and cress seeds
  1. Scrunch up some kitchen roll and put this in the pot.
  2. Moisten the cotton wool, and put it on top of the kitchen roll, leaving about 2cm at the top.
  3. Sprinkle on the mustard and cress seeds and press them down lightly. Make sure the cotton wool is kept moist. About 7 days later your mustard and cress should appear.

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