Community Centre Construction

Community and Senior Centre

When our Community and senior centre was first envisioned, it was meant to be a focal point for the community and appeal to people of all ages. It was to have a number of recreational activities available as well as regular events and programs suitable for all ages. The mission of the owners and managers of the centre was to improve the lives of those in the community through their efforts at the centre.

The area of Wimbledon, where the centre was to be built, has a population of roughly 30 percent senior citizens. There was a distinctive need for a senior community centre, which is why the local council decided one should be built.  They called upon Wimbledon Design and Build to both design and construct the centre. It was to be 80,000 square feet once it was completed. We used a local team of builders in Wimbledon.

The Wimbledon Community and senior centre was completed in August of 2014, and has served as a recreational facility for community members of all ages. It offers numerous recreational activities, including parks. It also includes conference rooms, a fitness centre, an indoor running track, and multiple racquetball courts. This state-of-the-art structure has received high praise from numerous community members and council members. First and foremost the floor had to be laid. This involved a special screed known as Flow Screed. This liquid flow screed is already premixed which enables faster drying times and a reduction on labour costs.

For the roof, slate grey PBC panels were used as well as flat sheet panels.  The roof and exterior walls all had PBC metal panels installed. In order to conserve energy and create renewable energy sources for the centre, the contractors placed photovoltaic panels on the roof. Using a metal roof was ideal for these panels, as it allowed them to collect more energy and water than they otherwise would be able to. The solar modules were able to put out energy at peak levels. A new bathroom with onsuite was in installed along with new kitchen, gas boiler and radiators.

The panels were placed on the building’s cylinder section. These snap-on panels allowed for easy placement. They would also prove to be easy to remove and clean or replace when necessary. Very small panels were used in order to accommodate the shape of the cylinder. The legs of the panels used were only three quarters of an inch long.

The community centre also had soffit panels installed on it. These were Artisan panels, which are used to provide a uniform and smooth look. These panels are perfectly suited for curved walls, like the ones on the centre’s cylinder section. Using these panels also eliminated the need for complicated structural pieces. The fasteners for these panels are set behind the panel’s flush face, which gives it a very clean and smooth appearance.

Wimbledon Design and Build used 24-gauage flat sheets in order to create an onsite trim of their own. The final structure met with the approval of the council members and owners.



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